Photography & Knitting Go Hand in Hand


Only a good friend will answer your call, create space in their schedule, and let you pose them in their backyard for an impromptu lifestyle/product shoot. Thank you Audra!

My mom taught my brother and I to crochet when we were younger, as a past time to keep us out of trouble. While my brother veered away from crafting, I steered right into it. I love creating with my hands, so it was a perfect fit for me.

Not long ago, maybe early last year, I purchased the German made Addi-Express knitter. It’s a neat little machine, utilizing only a simple stitch that can make tubular knitted or flat knitted panels. A beanie was my project of choice the night it was delivered and I must say, my nerd levels shot to 100 when I finished my new hat in an hour… It was quick!

To give some frame of reference, I’ve been knitting hats on my circular looms for a few years. A beanie like the one pictured above took 1-2 weeks to finish, depending on how busy I was. So the fact that this knitter could churn hats out in an hour, was built well and was fairly in-expensive, completely blew my mind.

Anywho, this is one of three styles I’ve been tinkering with. I’ll continue to post my progress as the weeks go on :)! Until then, enjoy the photos and quote below.

*Keep Calm and Knit On*

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